Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another year with Digestive Tracks!

Hey all!

So I'm here at the top of 2009 glad that I'm still around to do the show with Chris and all of you every week. So far for this year we've reviewed the following spots:

Absinthe Cafe - WOW! Quality ingredients, quality atmosphere (if only a little cold) and one of the most enjoyable "higher-end" meals I've had in a while.

Roost - Meh. The Works far outshines this counterpart, though not a bad effort. I would still probably go to the Foolish Chicken for my chicken needs.

We have a few other spots lined up for you to come in the following weeks, including two - yes TWO! - pizza spot reviews as part of our ongoing attempt to find the best kept pizza secret in the national capital region.

As usual, if you have any feedback, comments, suggestions, or you just want to say hi - drop us a comment here, on our Facebook group or via email at!

Bye for now!


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